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fineline are a multi discipline research agency that can offer you first class quantitative, qualitative and tracker based research
This is what we do best


From small to large quant projects including one off and ongoing we can support you in delivering fast, efficient and cost effective quantitative projects


Want a little more depth and to really get to the bottom of a particular issue? We can support you through qualitative research and help you to really understand what your customers think and what drives their behaviour


Looking to create a customer experience measure or want to review what you do today, we can help you. We run a range of customer satisfaction, brand tracking and customer experience programmes and can help you with yours


A behavioural psychology profiling tool designed by Dr Janice Dexter and Dr Graham Dexter in conjunction with, and for exclusive use by, fineline market research. A research tool that enables us to understand the sub-concious decision making process that consumers go through when choosing a product / service / brand / retailer / provider etc. The outputs will provide you with the language, style, imagery etc that you will need to replicate in your communication material in order to appeal to consumer sub-concious i.e. match their decision journey

fineline specialise in delivering bespoke online panel services empowering you to make the most of your on-line communities
Panel management doesn't have to be difficult

Recruiting &

There's not one single most important step when it comes to panels but this is up there. A solid recruitment strategy is key to getting the most out of your panel and with 20 years of experience in panel research fineline can certainly help you fine tune this module

& Incentivised

To get the most out of your panel asking them to work with you on things that are relevant will really float their boat, this coupled with an appropriately weighted incentive really keeps your customers engaged and hungry to be a part of your panel programme. Our bespoke software will allow you to focus on the content rather than the delivery ensuring you get the best out of every contact


As well as keeping your interactions interesting to your panel members it is equally important to make your panel interesting to you. Our software will support you in monitoring activity and see which of your membes have become a little disengaged allowing you to take the appropriate steps


Implementing a solid recruitment strategy, keeping your content relevant, incentivising your members and keeping your panel clean will ensure that your programme is constantly refreshed. Talk to us today about how our panel manegement software can support you in the delivery of each of these modules to really get your panel management programmes moving

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We believe that market research is most effective when you have an agency that really cares and listens to your business problems and that is what we are best at

One off piece of qualitative research or ongoing experience trackers we will work collaboratively with you to deliver top class research

Listening to
your needs

The most important part of a project is understanding the business and the brief, this is best achieved by simply listening


Once we understand your business and the brief we'll work with you to further understand the specific requirements of the project

our brains

Working together we'll come up with some great ideas and start to build on these ideas to answer the research brief


Once we're all happy and agree an approach it's time to execute and implement the defined activities

the product

fineline will manage the project all of the way through to completion and deliver the final outcome defined in our collaboration

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The fineline team, combined, have over 50 years experience in the sector and during this time we have worked with an impressive array of blue chip companies as well as some smaller niche businesses.
We are a small responsive agency with big agency experience and thinking
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