Unearth the hidden drivers of choice with the power of sophisticated conjoint techniques

Conjoint analysis is a sophisticated approach that is often used to understand the value that consumers place on different aspects of your product or service. It can also be used to:

  • Measure the key drivers of choice
  • Understand price elasticies
  • Explore willingness-to-Pay
  • Gain insight into customer priorities
  • Create a needs-based segmentation.

Fineline has deep experience in conjoint analysis techniques including more sophisticated forms such as Discrete Choice Modeling.

Whether you are seeking to understand the trade-offs consumers make at a psychological level, measure preference at individual or aggregate levels, identify real drivers of choice, or create a market model that can estimate revenue, share and profitability – there are numerous advantages to using conjoint analysis in your projects.

We can provide you with your own program for market simulations enabling you to predict the reaction to different scenarios and allow you to create your own scenarios based on the market.

Find out more about conjoint analysis helped Aggregate Industries understand the potential market share that could be achieved by going direct to consumer.