Conjoint, Leading Manufacturer of Construction Materials

Exploring the viability of launching a direct-to-consumer offering for the very first time


A leading manufacturer and provider of materials within the construction sector, which operated under multiple brands, wanted to understand if there was a market to offer decorative paving stones direct to customers. The client had no experience of direct offerings and sold through third parties including retailers, garden centres, merchants etc.


A multi-phase research programme was designed and delivered which undertaken involved:

  • Understanding the purchase journey and influencers, from thought to completion: A large qualitative study with previous purchasers of decorative paving stones/slabs. This included small-scale through to significant spenders.
  • Understanding drivers of choice: Using statistical techniques to identifies the key drivers of choice around where and why different consumers purchased.
  • Recommendations on DTC route: The final phase was quantitative and used sophisticated conjoint analysis so we could identify which customers to prioritise, their willingness to pay for different products, and also to determine potential market share.


Overall, the research determined that it would be very difficult to sell directly to consumers. This was mainly due to the desire of consumers to see and touch these products. However, the research also identified an opportunity to increase sales in the clients’ products via third parties by significantly improving their own website.

Following the research, our client re-launched its website to incorporate the insights from the research to ensure it better assists consumers on their purchase journey. As a result, they are driving considerably more website traffic and have seen an uplift in sales of their own products through third parties.