Customer Experience, Leading Building Society

Using customer satisfaction to help drive increased mortgage applications from brokers


Our client, a major building society, commissioned fineline to undertake monthly customer satisfaction tracking with brokers who had recently placed business with them. Current levels of business were below our client’s expectations and desires.

The focus was to understand the experience brokers go through with specific focus on the business development managers and the mortgage platform used by brokers.


fineline implemented a programme of customer satisfaction research utilising our in-house CATI unit. We designed a questionnaire that unearthed the experience brokers received when placing business with our client.  It also gave real insight into the levels of business they placed with competitors and their levels of satisfaction with the experiences.


The research identified that across the entire competitive set, there was little to no difference in broker experience when interacting with business development managers.

A major area identified for action was the quality of the platform our client offered brokers. Versus competitors, the platform:

  • Asked for too much information
  • Took much longer to complete than others
  • Contained questions brokers felt were irrelevant
  • Wasn’t user-friendly
  • Had no document upload facility, which was perceived to be critical.

As a result of the research the client completely revamped their mortgage application platform making all the changes suggested by brokers.

Due to the changes, satisfaction scores have increased considerably along with the amount of mortgage business now being placed with the client.

The customer satisfaction tracker is ongoing and continues to identify changes and ways to improve broker satisfaction.