New Product Development, Leading Insurance Provider

New Product Development research used to help design and launch a new Pet insurance product.


The current core pet proposition was about protecting pets via insurance.  Our client wanted to broaden this proposition to include prevention and help its customers to create healthy, happy pets.

The idea was to develop a wellbeing proposition that rewarded customers for keeping their dog healthy.  Offering more than just insurance designed to protect customers when the worst happened, but also helped keep their dogs happier and healthier and rewarded them for doing so. 

At the core of this is helping them give their dogs the right amount of exercise through wearing a PitPat activity monitor and helping them with food and health advice. 


fineline recommended undertaking a number of focus groups with the target audience in order to explore reactions towards the new product idea in greater detail. The groups enabled us to understand the likely pitfalls of introducing a new product such as this and identified ways in which any negativity could be overcome.

A pre-group warm-up phase of research was undertaken first, with the same respondents. Respondents were asked to download a mobile app called Indeemo, which enabled us, through ethonographic research, to capture videos and diary studies of how respondents currently fed and exercised their dog. It also enabled us to really understand the relationship that respondents had with their pet.

This pre-group phase of research was used to shape the content of the topic guide subsequently used in the focus groups.


A new Pet Insurance product was designed and developed by the client and heavily advertised through a number of channels including TV.