Gain a real competitive edge by understanding the thoughts and motivations of your target audience

Qualitative research enables you to gain a deep understanding of users experiences, motivations, and everyday lives. It can give you a detailed understanding of consumer attitudes towards your products, service, brand or creative.

It focuses on understanding concepts, opinions, or experiences – exploring the how and why – through the use of open questions, allowing respondents to talk in their own words.

There are several approaches that can be used when undertaking qualitative research including depth interviews, focus groups and ethnographic research.

Fineline has some of the best qualitative researchers around. Our qualitative director delivers qualitative training for the MRS (Market Research Society) and runs its introduction to qualitative research summer schools.

We have a strong track record of creative qualitative research across both B2B and consumer markets. Our mantra when it comes to qualitative research is right respondent, at the right time, in the right environment.

Find out more about the qualitative research we undertook on behalf of Wesleyan that involved using mobile ethnographic technology.