B2B & Hard-to-reach Groups

Undertaking B2B research or research with those hard to find niche audiences is not a problem for fineline. We have gained a reputation for being able to recruit or interview even the most difficult of hard-to-reach groups.

Fineline have undertaken dozens and dozens of research projects with B2B respondents ranging from investment research with very large company execs to product testing with single company owner tradespeople. There isn’t a business size/type or respondent profile we wouldn’t be confident of finding and interviewing.

We are as equally experienced at undertaking research with hard-to-reach or vulunerable respondents. We have researched respondents that fall into a diverse range of categories including:

  • High networth individuals
  • Diabetes respondents
  • LGBTQ+ community
  • Asylum seekers
  • Homeless people
  • Black and ethnic minorty communities
  • Financialy vulnerable

We fully understand the sensitivities surrounding undertaking research with respondents from within some of these groups which is way we offer flexible bespoke solutions for this time of research. Generally designing the research approach in conjunction with the respondents which may involve different types of research methods for each individual. Whatever the feel comfortable with.

Find out more about the research we undertook with vulnerable groups on behalf of Yorkshire Water when exploring attittudes towards their social tariff offering.