New product development

Understand the market potential and ensure the success of your new product or service with product development research

Maximise your success by utilising new product development (NPD) research to ensure your new product or service is designed around the requirements of the target consumer. Undertstand what competitor or substitute products they currently use, their motivations for doing so, and what would motivate them to switch

Fineline has a wealth of NPD research expertise across the entire development process, including:

  • idea generation
  • concept testing
  • market sizing
  • competitive research
  • optimising marketing messaging and communications
  • post-launch evaluation.

We always recommend clients start with a deep understanding of how their consumers make decisions and how choice can affect their decisions. For this reason, we often employ ethnographic techniques on behalf of clients, which follows consumers through a journey in order to gain a rich understanding of those in-the-moment decisions.

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