Mobile app research platform

Capture in the moment responses and reactions using the latest mobile app research technology

Remove the reliance on respondent’s ability to remember and instead capture their in-the-moment responses using mobile app research technology.

We have successfully used this technology across a wide range of research projects, including:

  • Qualitative ethnographic pre-work: Capturing in-the-moment feelings on purchase journeys, advertising or concepts
  • Qualitative warm-up: Optimising the results of qualitative research by establishing respondents’ understanding of key elements of the topic prior to starting research
  • Mystery shopping: Enabling a deeper understanding of how customers interact with your business by respondents capturing videos or images as they happen
  • Diary studies: See something as your customer does by following respondent journeys from their perspective.

Our preferred mobile app research platform is provided to us by our partner Indeemo. You can read more about Indeemo here.  [link to]

Find out more about we used mobile app research technology on an NPD project for Wesleyan and how its use prompted a fundamental change of approach.