Digital journey and useability research

Exceed customer expectation by optimising your digital experience and creating personalised journeys

Online matters like never before and having outstanding digital customer experiences can be the difference between success and failure.

Understanding the needs of your customers and how they interact with your website is critical to this, allowing you to develop and optimise experiences that set you apart from your competitors.

Understand how your product is searched, navigated and bought. Explore the decision making process along the way and identify the pain points along the journey that can jeopardise success.

Fineline has worked across many sectors helping clients to understand and deliver outstanding digital experiences. We specialise in employing qualitative research using observational methods to tackle useability research. Observing and interviewing respondents whilst they go through the digital journey enables us to provide clients with deep and actionable insight.

We use sophisticated technology that maps the digital footprint of an online journey – so clients get an understanding of the whole journey from start to finish. This includes key search words, navigation, journeys through other sites, and the purchase process itself. 

Find out how we helped Aggregate Industries understand optimise the role of its website in the customer journey.