Creative testing

Understand how your advert will perform and maximise your marketing ROI with creative testing

Creative testing takes the risk out of your marketing campaigns and helps optimise your ROI by validating advertising concepts or creative executions. It enables you to understand the attitudes and perceptions of your target audience towards your advertising and whether it will deliver against your desired objectives

Creative testing research can help you:

  • Identify the key messages and drivers of choice that advertising must communicate in order to appeal and be successful
  • Explore and understand what is required of the creative to drive purchase consideration
  • Know how to optimise your ad to stand out visually and have impact
  • Ensure the creative is engaging and matches your brand position.

Fineline has helped numerous clients achieve their objectives via our creative testing approaches. These include qualitative focus groups for early exploratory work or creative selection, and quantitative creative testing to evaluate concepts or ads with larger numbers of your target market.

Find out more about how we worked with HSBC and British Cycling to encourage more people to cycle by using the best creative.