Customer Experience

Build loyalty and revenue by understanding your customer’s journey and their perceptions of it

Today’s consumers are more informed and empowered than ever before, so delivering great customer experience is critical. One bad review can undo months of positive effort.

Customer experience research enables you to better understand the perceptions of your customers and non-customers and ensure their perceptions match the expectations conveyed in your brand promise. It enables you to identify ways in which you can improve the experience of interacting with you across all touchpoints.

Within any customer experience study, whether that be an ad-hoc piece of work or ongoing tracking to measure experience and satisfaction over time, fineline always recommends including competitor customers. We believe it gives great insight into consumer perceptions of your competitors; what are they doing better, what are they doing differently and how you compare. These are all questions you can answer by simply asking users of your competitors.

In addition to this, customer satisfaction research tends to be quantitative in nature and dependent upon target audience can be achieved via an online or telephone approach. Fineline, however, like to follow up a wave of customer satisfaction research by undertaking a small number of qualitative depth interviews.

This is enables us to explore in greater detail the reasons behind some specific response i.e. exactly what made the respondent particularly unhappy and what could have been done differently.

Fineline has depth of expertise in customer experience across a wide range of sectors and we employ methods including customer satisfaction, journey mapping and diary studies – whether your customer interactions are physical, digital, or both – we can deliver the actionable insight you need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Read here on how regular Broker customer satisfaction tracking for Leeds Building Society enables them to keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of brokers.  Wholesale changes to their mortgage platform were made as a result of this research.