Mystery Shopping

Drive service excellence through better understanding of how your customers interact with your business

Mystery shopping research is a powerful tool to evaluate your service offering through the eyes of an objective and independent consumer.

It gives detailed and actionable insights into the customer service delivered by your staff, so you can enhance your staff training to foster specific behaviours and ultimately improve your brand experience. It is also excellent at detecting service bottlenecks or behavioural problems that are potentially harmful to your success.

In some regulated sectors, it is also helpful in ensuring compliance. For example, in Financial Services it is imperative that consumers are made aware of certain factors in a clear and factual way, before agreeing to purchase a product.

Fineline has a wealth of mystery shopper research experience across a wide range of sectors including finance, automotive, retail and utilities. We understand the benefits of mystery shopping research and our approach ensures that our clients are able to realise the benefits.

We don’t believe in the use of trained mystery shoppers and prefer to recruit everyday consumers to undertake the shops for us.

This ensures the shopper focuses on what they want service to be without pre-conceived ideas of what service delivery should look like.

Our ethos on mystery shopping is simple – REAL consumers, in REAL enviornments, providing REAL insight.

Having previously struggled to realise the benefits of mystery shopping as a way of evaluating its mortgage customer journey process, RBS commissioned fineline on the basis of our approach of using real everyday consumers.

The successful project helped RBS to deliver against both regulatory requirments and its high customer service delivery expectations.