Observe how your customers interact with things in their natural enviorment by using ethnographic research

Ethnographic techniques are powerful research tools allowing you to truly understand how consumers interact with, and respond to, specific things in their real-life environment. One of its main advantages is being able to drive real insight by identifying and analysing things that may not be immediately obvious when using other research techniques.

Fineline has substantial experience of ethnographic techniques and many of our qualitative projects often involve some form of ethnographic research up-front.

A key outcome to any study involving ethnographic techniques is the ability to be able to deliver a detailed representation of users behaviour and attitudes. Fineline does this by including videos and imagery of respondents interacting with whatever it is we have asked them to interact with.

Our preferred ethnographic approach is via a powerful and intuitive mobile app technology provided to us by our partner Indeemo.

You can read more about Indeemo here.
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