Creative Testing, Leading Retail Bank

Using communications development research to create comms that encouraged more customers to cycle


Our client, a major retail bank, has a long standing relationship with British Cycling and wanted to understand two things:

  • Consumer perceptions of the relationship overall (including of the sponsorship specifically)
  • How consumers could be encouraged to take up cycling or cycle more often they already cycled (by understanding the benefits of the partnership and cycling as a whole).


A number of focus groups were undertaken in two locations with respondents who were:

  • Mothers with children who cycle fairly regularly as families and are fairly confident themselves
  • Women who haven’t cycled since school or never been on bike – may take kids out on bikes but they walk
  • Seasonal cyclists who enjoy it but are fair weather and infrequent
  • Regular cyclists for leisure and/or work


The research explored a number of issues:

  • Benefits of cycling/motivators
  • Drawbacks/deterrents
  • Awareness of British Cycling
  • Concept of a bank as a sponsorship partner
  • Our client as partner to British Cycling
  • Incidental feedback on visual imagery.

The outputs of the research directly the communications that were developed including imagery and copy used – the client also used direct quotes the research findings for in-branch window displays.