New Product Development, Leading Financial Services Provider

Informing the design and launch of a complex product


Our client, a leading provider of financial services to high net-worth individuals, wanted to explore reactions towards a new and highly complex pension product.


Qualitative focus groups were used with a large emphasis on pre-tasking. Respondents were asked to download the Indeemo mobile app which was used to test their understanding of what was being offered, how it worked and potential returns/pitfalls. The app was linked real-time to a client viewed platform.


The research helped the client to launch a hughly successful pension product with uptake far exceeding expectations.

The pre-tasking element of the research identified a number of issues and dislikes the potential product. As a result, the client was able to make significant changes to the questionnaire and ultimately to the product itself. Finally, focus groups were used to evaluate the revamped product, which was very well received and subsequently launched.