Continuous Brand Tracking, Major Car Manufacturer

Revamping brand tracking to boost accuracy, relevance and actionability


Our client, a major global car manufacturer, commissioned fineline to review and update its continuous brand tracking covering three of its car marques.

The current tracking programme had been in place for several years and there was a desired to boost its use more widely within the business.


To ensure the resulting monthly tracker was better utilised by the business, fineline made and ultimately adopted a number of recommendations. This included increasing the sample size to include more owners of mainstream competitor vehicles and owners of more niche vehicles that are competitors (but sold in much smaller volumes). We also changed the survey design to include open-ended question and to include videos. This allowed the research programme to be used to provide more in-depth feedback on existing and new commercials.


Small changes to the brand tracking programme allowed our client to leverage more benefit from the same amount of spend. The new study provides a more accurate reflection of brand awareness and allows is being used more widely internally to drive decisions.